How to Make New Year Resolution that Sticks

Ah, the usual New year new me season is here.
So you gonna go to the gym?
you gonna save more money?
Great, do you have a plan?

I know a friend who is like
“I wanna buy a house in 5 years”
but no actions were made, not even plans.
Day after day he went home to play mobile legends and expecting his goals and dreams will come true miraculously.

Don’t be that guy.

Results don’t just fall from the sky. Santa isn’t real.

I get it, it might be hard to form a plan and stick to it.
What if I tell you there is a better way to make plans,
and this methodology is used by US top tech company as well.

This methodology is call SMART goal setting.
The SMART is an acronym for
-> Specific
-> Measurable
-> Achievable
-> Relevant
-> Timely.

-> you need to be specific on what you want

-> your goals need to be measurable, give it a number to track

-> your goals need to be realistic

-> How is your goal relevant to the big picture?

-> Set a date! Not just “I’ll do it someday”


Bad -> I want to have a lot of money

Why is this bad? What amount of money? By when? What’s your plan?
Let’s look at a better one now.

Good -> I want to make 100k in 5 years by saving 40% of my income and investing them in stocks and crypto.

Now this is a much better goal, it fulfills
Specific -> you have the amount you want and the plan
Measurable -> you can measure your money
Achievable -> 100k in 5 years is hard, but not impossible
Relevant -> is having 100k relevant to your life?
Timely -> within 5 years

Santa isn’t real, now go set your goal and make it happen.

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