We are now on Android

What is this?

For almost a year, klsequant stock backtester only remained as a web application.

Running analysis on HUGE financial data is so much easier on python, and we do not want to burden users by making a HUGE app (Storing all those data).

klsequant.com is my personal hobby project, intended to help people to make informed decision when trying to invest in stocks.

We all heard low PE, high ROE stocks are good, but how do we verify it? klsequant was made to do this for you!

Technical details

This app is made using Android Studio, and an API using flask so all the calculations are done on the cloud, hosted on www.pythonanywhere.com (highly recommend them!)

How do I use this?

If you are new here, don’t worry, we have a blog post on how to use this app. The Android version and web app version are the same. Just hosted on different platform.

Where can you download

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