Portfolio Construction. Full Equity, Full Bond or 50/50?

Introduction People often equates return and risk, giving statements like “high risk high return”. If high risk does secure you high return, is the investment considered high risk anymore? I find Howard Marks return vs risk graph a nice way to visualize risk. According to him, the higher the risk, the more variability your return […]

Is Stock Picking Based on PE Useful?

Whether it’s PE, ROE, DY there are tons of financial jargon and financial ratios out there. The value investors emphasize on buying cheap (low PE, PB), while growth investors focus on buying stocks with high growth (high ROE etc). How do we know which ratio is the most useful to find out potentially profitable stocks? […]

Is Candlestick Pattern Effective in Bursa Malaysia?

Intro I assume that you already knew the anatomy of a candlestick so I will skip the explanation part. There are dozens of candlestick pattern out there, be it bullish or bearish ones, what we wanted to know is that can we used them reliably in our investing and trading activities. Methodology – Skip this […]